Privacy Policy

DesignWiz Solutions Inc. is committed to respecting the privacy of any information you supply to us.

The following statements define DesignWiz Solutions Inc. privacy policy, the terms of this policy apply to unless different terms are specified in an online form, or other form or contract provided to you.

By submitting your information to DesignWiz Solutions Inc., you are consenting to the following terms and conditions, and to respect the proprietary notices.

DesignWiz Solutions Inc. may collect information from users of our Web site, including the information you provide to us by submitting forms on the site.

In certain circumstances (for example when you request a quote), DesignWiz Solutions Inc. may ask you to provide your name, e-mail address and certain other information.

The information collected by DesignWiz Solutions Inc. will allow us to personalize our working relationship with you and, with your consent, to occasionally send you notices about our company and/or promotions.

DesignWiz Solutions Inc. does not sell or rent any confidential information about our customers to third parties.

DesignWiz Solutions Inc. may collect other types of anonymous data from Web site users through the use of "cookies." A "cookie" is a very small text file that is placed in the browser directory of your computer's hard drive by various Web site pages. Any cookies we may place on your system are harmless and cannot extract information from your hard drive. DesignWiz Solutions Inc. may use cookies in order to measure traffic on our Web site and convey highly useful information regarding usage of the site. This technology does not allow DesignWiz Solutions Inc. to systematically gather personal information about you. Of course, you are always free to reject these cookies by altering your computer's configuration. Most browsers allow you to decline cookies (your browser should contain instructions on how to do this). Should you choose to do so, you may be prevented from accessing or enabling special features offered on our sites.

Periodically DesignWiz Solutions Inc. may record operational information generated by our web server while delivering web pages to users who visit This operational information may be used for aggregate statistical analysis and site customization. It is data that we can gather about the user without asking them. This aggregate statistical analysis is limited to depicting trends based on information as a whole it is not part of an effort to identify the individual identity of Web site visitors.

IP addresses are logged to track user sessions. An IP address is a unique numerical address used to route data to and from your computer on the Internet. When we record an IP address, we associate a visit or series of visits to each unique IP address. This allows us to collect a visitor's domain name, referral data (for example the last URL a user visited prior to visiting, as well as browser and platform type (for example a Netscape browser on a Macintosh computer). We may also include a visitor's activity into an overall analysis of activity at our site (for example reporting where traffic originates and how it flows within our site). None of the foregoing would allow either DesignWiz Solutions Inc. or a third party to identify you or contact you.

DesignWiz Solutions Inc. protects your personal information with several security measures. In addition to normal precautions such as physical security and firewalls, we have strict internal security policies.

If you believe that DesignWiz Solutions Inc. has not complied with the provisions of this privacy policy, please contact us.